It’s not what you get out of the music, but what the music gets out of you.


Music Therapy of the Rockies addresses the needs of veterans and other at-risk populations through evidenced-based research and techniques.

Emotional Identification
Therapeutic Interventions
Repairing/Building Relationships
Normalizing Lives
Coping Skills
Reframing Experiences

1 in 3 veterans suffer from the effects of PTSD leading to a staggering 20 a day that commit suicide (US Dept of Veterans Affairs Suicide Data Report 2018). Music Therapy of the Rockies believes that number is not acceptable.

Through evidenced-based study, lives are being transformed not only for the veterans, but their families, care partners and community.

Did I tell you how much the weekend and you meant to me? You kickstarted my new life of loving myself. I can’t stop talking about you and the weekend.

L.P.(RET) US Air Force

What you did by inviting me to participate was to feed my musical and therapeutic soul, when I didn't even know I was hungry.


“I really cannot thank you enough for the Music Therapy of the Rockies retreat experience. It was life changing. I sing my song every single day. It represents healing and growth. I could say thank you everyday and I don’t feel like I would be expressing my gratitude sufficiently.”

B.R.(RET) Army

The 11 veterans you had sitting before you on Saturday morning were not the same 11 people who got up on that stage last night and poured their hearts out to everyone in the room. And because of that, not just their 11 lives, but every life with whom they come in contact is forever changed.


I never had the opportunity to go to school with the GI bill. It's taken almost 15 years but I finally am able to go to school — which was all I ever wanted to do. And I am alive and enjoying it because of you.

J.K.(RET) US Army

I feel extremely honored to have my story memorialized in a song. That will certainly help heal another veteran.


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