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Saving Lives With Songs

Music Therapy of the Rockies helps people with trauma, especially veterans, find healing through music therapy.

What We Do

Mental Wellness Through the Power of Music

Finding Healing

Our retreats help people with trauma reframe their experiences and reclaim their stories. We see lives changed dramatically in a short period of time — with positive, lasting results.

The Album Project

“Stories and Songs from the Farm” is a collection of 12 songs written during our retreats. Explore the powerful music and the stories behind these songs, through a one-time $100 donation. By listening to these songs, you bring these veterans’ stories to life.

The Latest Stories & News

May 28, 2023
Aspen ski instructor and podcast host Erik Darosa reflects on a life-changing music retreat in Nashville, TN with Thistle Farms participants.
March 3, 2023
The beautiful story of how our nonprofit's popular phrase came to be: It’s Not What You Get Out of the Music, but What the Music Gets Out of You!
February 9, 2023
Tuesday, February 7th, 2023, we lost Ricky to a heart attack. Ricky attended two retreats with Music Therapy of the Rockies.
January 30, 2023
Our founder recently spoke at Berklee Music and Health Institute for their symposium "Intersection of Music and Mental Health: Military and Veterans."
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