Mack Bailey on guitar in barn
Mack Bailey has been a musician since the age of eight. He toured with various groups including The Hard Travelers, The Limeliters, A Musical Tribute to John Denver featuring John’s band members, and as a duo with his wife, Rachel Levy. In 2011, Mack went back to school to pursue his masters in music therapy at Colorado State University. After finishing the program and completing his internship at Colorado Children’s Hospital, Mack became board certified in the field. He then started his own music therapy practice, Music Therapy of the Rockies, in Aspen, CO. In 2019, Music Therapy of the Rockies became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Colorado focusing on mental health, music therapy research and techniques, and helping military veterans re-frame their military experience.

Mack’s personal story includes a time of deep depression in which he did not seek support and found himself ready to end his life. He credits writing a song at the 11th hour with saving his life and through his education in neurologic music therapy, he became interested in how music rewired his brain.

Mack started working with veterans through Challenge Aspen in 2014, where he incorporated therapeutic songwriting as a means of self-expression and reframing their story. There were many powerful moments within the sessions and it became apparent that through structured, evidence-based techniques, the elements of music were instrumental in rewiring how the brain processed emotions, self-expression, and behaviors. Mack began developing a full curriculum of the research and studies to show that this belief could be replicated. With much success, Mack implemented retreats in Nashville (at Amy Grant and Vince Gill's farm) and in Cleveland, even being featured on CNN and Amy Grant's Holiday TV Special.

Music Therapy of the Rockies’ mission is to not only address the veterans, but also teach other music therapists the proven skills that have been positively affecting the lives of the veterans, as well as furthering research of music therapy and mental health locally in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado. As for seeking support during difficult times, Music Therapy of the Rockies believes that music can reduce the stigma of finding that valued support.


Music Therapy Brings Healing
We envision a world where people are healing from trauma, reclaiming their genuine selves, and developing their life path going forward.


Mental Wellness Through the Power of Music

Our mission is to help heal those who have experienced trauma. We accomplish this through our life-changing music therapy retreats by:
• incorporate evidenced-based music therapy techniques
• engaging talented songwriters in this process,
• providing ongoing education and training to music therapists, and
• expanding research in music therapy.

Board of Directors

Mallory Rexroad Even – President

Linda Trageser – Secretary

Ken Hammerle – Treasurer

Philip Levy

Chris Nole

Lesa Prime, US Air Force MSgt (Ret)


Proud Partners

Hold music therapy retreats focusing on PTSD in military veterans
Hold continuing education workshops for certified music therapists
Hold community presentations quarterly focusing on addiction, PTSD, Trauma, Abuse, isolation
Hold yearly presentations for each of the school districts in the Roaring Fork Valley to reduce the stigma of mental health
Engage in research regarding the neurological aspects of addiction, PTSD, Trauma and abuse in conjunction with music therapy techniques
Expand the knowledge base used to improve the quality of the various music therapy techniques through research.