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Music Therapy brought Cece to a better, happier place.

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Support Mental Wellness for Veterans

Music Therapy of the Rockies has served more than 100 veterans at retreats in Tennessee, Colorado, Maryland, and beyond.

With just a $100 donation, you’ll receive an album that gives you an inside look at our retreats. The stories and songs compiled here highlight our veterans’ experiences.

Listen to memories unfold, as veterans’ experiences are explored and captured in song.

Hear veterans take ownership of the stories that haunt them in the silence of their memories.
Stories & Songs From the Farm includes beautiful melodies about true tales like:

  • A Captain in the Army still feels a brave female in his company deserved honors for her exceptional valor.
  • A military trumpeter playing Taps hundreds of times as the caskets came off the Flightline loses his joy for music after playing taps while a lost soldier’s young son grieves.
  • A soldier is traveling home from Kuwait, his family waiting, but the plane turns around mid-flight to return to Kuwait for a 6-month extended deployment.
  • A young woman embarks on a career as an Army 77 Foxtrot and hopes it may salvage the relationship with her Vietnam Veteran Father.
More Ways Veterans Benefit

Music Therapy of the Rockies provides publishing, protection and music marketing for the veterans:

  • Veterans retain their 50% writers share.
  • Contracted co-songwriters will retain 50% writer share, as well as 50% of their publishing.

We are the only veteran music program that ensures the veteran writers maintain their rightful share of song ownership, and facilitates proper song catalog management.

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