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Stories of Impact

What an absolute blessing this was. I would say this fell into my lap by accident, but that would be a slap in the face to those who volunteered my name as a good candidate to participate. How fortunate for me that I said yes during that phone call. This program has added an entirely new dimension to my toolbox of self care and moving forward following a traumatic event. The company of men and women who showed up for the weekend retreat were most definitely the cream of the crop, from the participants to the songwriters to WWP to Mack himself! Oh, how gracious I am to have been paired with Jason and had the opportunity to tell my story. I am unbelievably humbled that my words could be put into music like that and embody my very being. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am looking forward to guitar lessons and writing some music. My voice and talent may not be something anyone wants to listen to, but the happiness in my heart from this retreat can never be extinguished. Cheers to the future and whatever she holds! Bless each of you for your time and your talents and wherewithal to say yes!

I just wanted to say thank you again. The entire music therapy experience has helped me in more ways than words can express. I realize now that while I felt vulnerable sharing my story on Saturday, it wasn't until Sunday when my walls actually came down. I've spent a lot of time over the past few days in reflection on the experience and my emotions. I'm honestly getting a little teary-eyed typing this. I feel more like my authentic self now than ever before. Your story, your team, and the overall experience have changed my life. Please keep changing lives every retreat you hold and I will do my best to advocate to the Northeast WWP and Home Base on how important Music Therapy of the Rockies is. Thank you again!

This was such a special event you put on for us, thank you. It really was the start of an amazing life change for me emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and it encouraged me to chase after my dreams to become a singer.

I've been shouting from the rooftops about your program and how it is so much different than anything that I have experienced before that in most cases just triggered me without any relief.

It's very therapeutic what Mack and the songwriters are able to do. Music does help. Especially if you don't have a background in music, if you've never had the chance to experience its ability to help you process and release your emotions, it's really special. It's definitely healing.

I really want to start writing retreats or teach at them, writing, songwriting, everything. Writing is my passion. Ill always be grateful for your retreat and the lessons I learned there.

I have been working with Mack Bailey and Music Therapy of the Rockies for a few years now. His organization does all the programming and logistics, and I provide Alumni from the Wounded Warrior Project to attend the retreats. The response has been nothing but positive, to say the least. “Life changing”, “I needed this”, and “saved my life”, are some of the most common responses I hear from Warriors attending MTOTR retreats. I fully support and will continue to support Mack and his work during my time here at Wounded Warrior Project. The work they do is beyond words.

As past attendee Wounded Warrior Project Alumni George DeShields puts it, “the retreat gave me another “tool” and way to deal with everyday thoughts that come up. With the music, I was able to share my story and hear it back as a song that I can use as a reminder that things really are ok. The gift of the guitar also gives me something I can hold on to, put my hands on to remind me that others care. And being able to make music, helps take my mind away.”

As a wife and the caregiver to my Veteran, the Music Therapy of the Rockies experience itself was beautiful. The veterans, the musicians and Mack all working together creating a safe space to heal, culminated into one of the most touching, most vulnerable and most amazing experiences. My veteran felt heard, understood and listened to and at the end of the retreat we walked away with new hope, new friends and a kick ass original song.

Did I tell you how much the weekend and you meant to me? You kickstarted my new life of loving myself. I can't stop talking about you and the weekend.

What you did by inviting me to participate was to feed my musical and therapeutic soul, when I didn’t even know I was hungry

Stories from the Farm: Dennis' Story

Dennis shares his thoughts regarding the Music Therapy of the Rockies Retreats

I wouldn't have been making healthy choices to deal with stuff before the retreat. It took a little bit, but the retreat is what kinda like what launched everything else. I'm in therapy and it's been great. This is the first time I've been willing to open up and talk.

The retreat at Amy Grant’s farm in Franklin,TN helped rewire my brain as I had been suffering from 3 months of suicidal ideations every day from 27 years of PTSD. All I can say is WOW! I left that retreat feeling reset and recharged. My suicidal ideations were gone. I still have my PTSD symptoms, but I now have more tools (guitar) to be able to channel my feelings in a positive way through music. I now take guitar lessons and it helps. Thank you

The 11 veterans you had sitting before you on Saturday morning were not the same 11 people who got up on that stage last night and poured their hearts out to everyone in the room. And because of that, not just their 11 lives, but every life with whom they come in contact is forever changed

So Much Love To Give

Music Therapy brought Cece to a better, happier place.

I feel extremely honored to have my story memorialized in a song. That will certainly help heal another veteran

I’m going to harden my fingers (for guitar) and soften my soul.

I’ve still been playing almost every day. I love these guitars. Thank you so much for investing in us over there. They have made the daily grind more enjoyable

I really cannot thank you enough for the Music Therapy of the Rockies retreat experience. It was life changing. I sing my song every single day. It represents healing and growth. I could say thank you every day and I don’t feel like I would be expressing my gratitude sufficiently.

I feel completely alive! 180 degree turn around from where I was on the first night!

The music retreat with Music Therapy of the Rockies was an amazing experience not just for my husband, but for the entire family. The few days he was doing the retreat were a little rough, I'm not going to lie. The creative process of making music and creating lyrics had Dustin digging deep into a lot of things that he tries to avoid. Then, on family night after the presentation of all the songs and veteran's stories, it was like a weight had been lifted from him! He wasn't burdened by these deep dark feelings anymore. The song he and Mark Elliott created was amazing and years later it still makes me cry. It is our daughter's favorite song and she requests to hear it on a daily basis. We got a part of the husband and father back that we seemed to have lost many years ago. Our family is so grateful for that every single day. We never knew about music therapy and we are so blessed for what Mack Bailey and Music Therapy of the Rockies has done for all of us.

I want to thank you for that weekend at Music Settlement, it proved to be a turning point in my life. My treatment for the MST and it's demons is ongoing. I bought a house! I'm engaged with the outside world and have taken some leadership roles in my Veterans Organization. Chairperson of the Veterans Advisory Committee at the Cleveland VA and Commander for my Disabled American Veterans Chapter. What you do matters. It has changed my life. I just wanted to tell you that out loud, and with proof!

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