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June 21, 2023

Mack Bailey Guests on the From Survivor to Thriver Podcast

Our Founder Mack Bailey had the honor of being a guest on the From Survivor to Thriver podcast! The Episode is titled “Healing Through Harmony: Exploring the Transformative Power of Music Therapy with Mack Bailey.”

Listen to the podcast here:

In the episode, you’ll here the following topics covered: 

  • How Mack got started with music 
  • How music changed Mack’s life when he was in the depths of depression
  • When Mack decided to pursue a career as a music therapist
  • The incredible impact music therapy has had on Mack’s clients
  • The science of how music therapy works
  •  How trauma impacts your body and overall health
  • The retreats that Mack created to help veterans learn to use music therapy to cope with PTSD

To learn more about From Survivor to Thriver‘s podcast, follow them online:

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