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Stories & Songs From The Farm: volume 2

The Album Project Fundraiser

Support Mental Wellness Through the Power of Music

Our Biggest Fundraiser of the Year

November 11 (Veteran’s Day) — November 28 (Giving Tuesday)

$50,547 raised

*as of November 26th, 2023

You Give & You Get

Supporting this fundraiser gives you access to amazing songs and stories of life change from Music Therapy of the Rockies’ Retreats — plus it helps continue our mission of bringing mental wellness through the power of music to even more people.


Provides funds for materials to record and archive songs



What you get:


Underwrites price of guitar for one attendee



What you get:


Breakfast and Lunches for 2-day retreat



What you get:


Covers retreat cost for sound & recording engineer, photographer and videographer



What you get:


Covers half the retreat costs for all songrwriters to participate



What you get:


Covers cost of one retreat for 6 attendees



What you get:

All physical gifts will be mailed to donors the first week of January 2024. We’ll reach out after the fundraiser is complete to confirm shirt sizes, shipping details, and more. 

Your Gift Changes Lives

Erik is an Army Combat Veteran and he attended a Music Therapy Retreat in Carbondale, CO. He was paired with songwriter Jackson Emmer. Together, they crafted a song that captured Erik's story, providing a therapeutic and empowering experience.

Thank you to Brave World Productions for capturing our stories so well.

Support Mental Wellness for Veterans

Music Therapy of the Rockies has served more than 250 Veterans at retreats in Tennessee, Colorado, Maryland, and beyond.

With just a $100 donation, you’ll receive an album that gives you an inside look at our retreats. The stories and songs compiled here highlight our veterans’ experiences.

Listen to memories unfold, as veterans’ experiences are explored and captured in song.

Hear a Sample of the Songs
More Ways Veterans Benefit

Music Therapy of the Rockies provides publishing, protection and music marketing for the veterans:

  • Veterans retain their 50% writers share.
  • Contracted co-songwriters will retain 50% writer share, as well as 50% of their publishing.

Our veteran music program ensures the veteran writers maintain their rightful share of song ownership, and facilitates proper song catalog management.

Your Donation Helps People Through Dark Times

Stephanie attended a Music Therapy Retreat in Nashville, TN at Amy Grant and Vince Gill's farm. She worked with songwriter Raquel Cole to craft a song that captured Stephanie's story, bringing her peace and helping her through dark times.

Thank you to Brave World Productions for capturing our stories so well.

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